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QTeam Software Solutions’ Andrei Pirvulescu Leads by Building Robust Solutions for Solving Complex Problems: GoodFirms

Incorporated in 2016 and based in Bucuresti, Bucharest, QTeam Software Solutions aims to create and deliver complex digital solutions in different industries like e-learning, digital marketing, digital communities, and few others such as art technologies, including Machine Learning and AI.

The GoodFirms team approached QTeam Software Solutions’ Co-founder, Andrei Pirvulescu, who unveiled the insights about the company and its flourishing services. Starting with the interview, Andrei narrates the story behind business commencement. He mentions that he and his partner Cristina have been working in the IT&C industry for more than ten years.

His main area of expertise is in software testing, and Cristina’s experience is HR-related, focusing on building software development teams. They learned a lot during those years and, ergo, decided to start their own company to bring their philosophy to software development projects.

Talking about the company’s model QTeam has an in-house team who make sure they provide top-quality software solutions for the clients. The expert engineers’ team will guide clients through the entire process of product development strategy, and together will find the best solution for the client’s digital product to be launched as fast as possible. The group of professionals offers enterprise software development to help businesses streamline their workflows, increase employee productivity, and enhance the customer experience.

QTeam’s expert engineers, with their proven expertise, build reliable and scalable enterprise solutions that bring new value to clients’ businesses. Moreover, the experienced engineers leverage a blend of cutting-edge technologies to produce future-proof services to help clients meet their specific enterprise goals. Be it ERP, HCM, or CRM, Qteam exhibits all kinds of custom solutions that drive business productivity.

The development team further integrates CRM functionalities with CRM enterprise solutions and helps clients migrate and customize the solutions. Thus, by delivering robust solutions, QTeam Software Solutions gets dubbed as one of the top software development companies in Romania at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms confirms the quality of services provided at QTeam Software Solutions.

Further, Andrei beams that mobile applications are changing the global market and have transformed the digital world, dominating people’s lives. The mobile-based platforms do every crucial task of daily lives, from personal to professional, from shopping to education and whatnot.

Experts understand the client’s business needs to launch their seamless applications to keep pace with the increasing competition. They provide clients with user-friendly apps with rich features, compatibility, and top-notch user experience.

Moreover, the quality assurance team performs web, hybrid, and native testing using an automation testing approach. They look into functional and non-functional features of clients’ applications and technology and external factors that may disrupt the app’s performance.

Thus, using cutting-edge testing tools and techniques to review every aspect of the app endows QTeam Software Solutions as one of the top mobile app development companies in Bucharest at GoodFirms.

In Conclusion, Andrei divulges that by keeping the start-up mentality and hiring great people the organization approaches every project not just by offering software development services but also functioning as consultants for the clients.

It’s important that the team understands the customer and what they want and need. It might take a bit more time at the beginning of the project but it pays off in the end as most of our clients either come back with further projects or increase the scope of the project after the initial stages.

Moreover, he also mentions that with regard to repetitive clients, around 80% of the companies QTeam has worked with have requested the services again. The experts use tools such as Slack, Atlassian, and Harvest, as the basis of the overall project execution so that the clients know exactly what the team is working on and what the progress of the project is.

Thus, going through the above-mentioned discussion between QTeam’s co-founder and the interviewer, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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