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5 reasons why you shouldn’t be a test manager

Are you working as a test manager or thinking about pursuing such a role? Then check out the recording of Andrei Pirvulescu’s presentation at the DevCon conference in Bucharest.

DevCon is a premium event designed around an umbrella concept, delivering a series of one‑theme focused, stand‑alone conferences that put the spotlight on the hottest trends & technologies of the moment for the local IT community in Bucharest. This year’s event included presentations on topics such as AI & Machine Learning, QA Testing, Security and Java .

More than 450 IT&C professionals took part in this event. And we were honored to be invited to present and have the opportunity to share our expertise and insights with a savvy audience.  

Despite the title, the presentation facilitated by Andrei did not want to focus on the “bad” aspects of test management. It wanted to inspire and teach others to thrive as test managers and give more appreciation to the test managers they worked with – in the past or at present.

As you will see in the presentation there are certain elements which don’t match with the role of a test manager such as lacking software testing expertise, lack of empathy, not being able to offer support, wanting to manage and not lead, a desire for glory and validation, just to name a few.

Andrei talked about the importance of focusing on remaining relevant no matter the software testing role one might prefer. And also becoming better at it, since being a test manager is not necessarily the ultimate finish line, even though in many cultural settings this is the ultimate goal.

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