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How Tech is changing Food & Beverage

Just like other industries, The Food & Beverage industry is no stranger to the tremendous changes brought about by technical innovations. Imagine what life would be like today without Glovo, Uber Eats, Bringo or others. A whole culinary world at our fingertips. No fuss. No stress. Tech is changing the Food and Beverage industry.

So what’s next? What are the new challenges older and newer players to the market are facing?

We had the opportunity to find some answers to these questions and many more in an event dedicated to the future of the Food and Beverage market.

We learned from top companies how they’re changing the industry by introducing new ways to grow, maintain and bring food to our tables.

Below are some of the key takeaways from the event

Quality Vs Quantity

There is an essential deliberation on whether businesses should bring their loyalty plans inhouse or partner with aggregators. Still, the critical consideration is balancing access to consumers and loss of consumer engagement. Which is more important?

Brick and mortar still matters

Although we live in a digital-first world, we really should not forget that there still a lot of customers who prefer a more direct interaction. Harris + Hoole made a great example of how some of their customers still prefer the personal customer experience in-store and cannot access digital products. They are still crucial to them and must be served.

Technology equals speed and diversification

For people like Tregothnan, technology is crucial to their success and speed of deployment. Using technology like What3Words has tremendously helped them diversify their product set. My personal favorite, using drones to fly over yields to vibrate water drops to the soil, which is enough to keep their plants hydrated.

We want it now

How people pay has changed – people want to preorder and expect things on demand, but control throughput into your shops is critical to maximizing success.

There just some of the ways in which Tech is changing the Food & Beverage industry.

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